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Tesla Moves Forward With Plans For Electric Semi

On November 16, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the plans for the new electric Tesla Semi, which could revolutionize the trucking industry by cutting costs and lowering fuel emissions. The sleek, modern Semi boasts enhanced ...

Automatic Transmission Technology and it’s Improvements

When semi-automatic manual transmission was introduced two decades back, nobody knew how popular it would become. Today, the success rate of AMTs is unprecedented, thanks to its fuel-saving capabilities. Having said that, the ...

Volvo and Mack Battle it out for the Long-Haul

When you hear the word "Volvo" you think luxury. Creature comforts are where it's at for the long haul trucker and that's one reason Volvo has dominated the market for so long. In the last decade or two Mack had a hard time ...

Becoming a Heavy Truck Technician

Have you always considered yourself a heavy truck enthusiast? Dump-trucks, flat-beds, tank trucks? Maybe you've considered entering the industry as a technician but are unsure of what is required, or even where to start. Well, ...

Technologies That’ll Transform the Semi, Heavy and Medium Duty Truck and Trailer Industries

In the future of trucking industry, fuel and energy are perceived to be the wildcards that will need to be secured. The latest technologies based on electrics and diesel-electrics are gaining a lot of traction. On a fundamental ...

Heavy Truck Group Turns an Ear Towards Volvo Brand News Chatter

At Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group, we pride ourselves on keeping up with industry chatter. In our experience, it is an excellent way to better anticipate what's coming down the pike and react accordingly. As such, we couldn't ...

Aging MVI Rules Get an Upgrade

Automotive technology has evolved faster in the recent years and the government has introduced many changes in Motor Vehicle Inspections to make vehicles safer.  Here are some mandatory inspections required by law for heavy ...

Self-Driving Trucks Will NOT Wipe Out Trucking Jobs

Many people have been hearing for quite some time about the trucking industry being decimated by self-driving trucks that will kill trucking jobs. The news has been quite grim for many truckers, and many truck-drivers have been ...

Fuel Costs: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Owner Operators may have a lot more stress on the road then some of their company employed counterparts, but the rewards can be outstanding. Trucking as a whole has a very small profit margin with all things considered, so ...

Bulldog Century: History Of The Mack Truck

The Mack Truck is renowned, known for its highway hauling capabilities, powerful build, and incredible durability. Employing cutting-edge technology and design, these trucks are trailblazers in the hauling industry, fulfilling ...
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